Premium TicketHub is a full service ticket concierge for sporting and other events around the globe. Our specialties are European Football tickets and tickets to other premium sport events and concerts. We have been in the ticketing business since 1999 and have served thousands of customers since then.

There are several hundred companies providing tickets to sporting events and concerts in the United States alone - so what makes us different? Most other companies in our industry are looking at each potential sale as a transaction. We on the other hand, view each potential sale as an opportunity to build a relationship with our customers. As a result, we are known for providing excellent customer service. Not only do we want our customers to be happy with the seats that we provide and the price that they paid, but also with the entire experience of buying tickets from us. The greatest compliment our team can receive is for a customer to purchase from us again or recommend us to their friends.

All the tickets listed on our website are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Unfortunately, in our industry there are many brokers that sell tickets they do not have in inventory. Their business model is one of taking orders and then trying to find the tickets that their customers purchased at a lower price from another source. Sometimes they are able to do so and the customers will receive their tickets. However, often these brokers are unable to find tickets at a lower price and because they don't want to lose any money they will cancel the order (usually a day or so before the event because they will try until very late to fill the order). We get calls on a regular basis from customers in the match city a day before a game asking us for help because their tickets were not delivered and sometimes we are able to help but it is often too late. Premium TicketHub does not operate this way. We are not in the business of speculating on ticket prices and believe it is wrong to cancel customer orders at the last minute.

If you are looking for excellent customer service at a fair price then we might be a good option for you and we would welcome the opportunity to win you as a customer.

Your Team at Premium TicketHub